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PARKINS prioritizes advanced bag-making concepts and utilizes high-quality spare parts and advanced devices. Our machines ensure stability, quality, and enhanced functionality during the bag-making process.

Our side sealing and cutting machine, along with other equipment, allows for the production of various bag types like Patch Handle Bags, Loop Handle Bags, Die Cut Handle Bags, and Draw Tape Bags. Additionally, our Wicketer can produce different types of handbags. Equipped with features like EPC edge control and servo motor-driven machinery, our side-sealing bag-making machines provide precise bag dimensions and easy maintenance. PARKINS is committed to delivering exceptional performance and durability in bag-making machinery.

  • BJAT+PLD Patch Handle Bags Making Machine

    Patch Handle, Loop Handle & Die Cut Handle Bags Making Machine with Fully Automatic Servo Control

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    Wicketer Bag Making Machine with Fully Automatic Servo Control

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  • BJAT+S Edge Sealing & Cutting Machine

    Edge Sealing & Cutting Machine with Servo Control

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