Parkins Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1976 under the leadership of President C.I. Lin. PARKINS has successfully developed the most comprehensive range of plastic bag sealing and cutting machines with 40 years of experiences and that makes it to be rewarded as one of the leading manufacturers in Taiwan plastic machinery industry. PARKINS’ machines have been sold in over 60 countries, and received full approval from customers over the world.

Based on PARKINS’ the advanced bag making concepts, we are equipped with high-quality spare parts, and advanced devices to increase product functionality; at the same time maintaining the stability and quality during bag making process. We adopt modern production management, and all parts are precision machined by sophisticated CNC equipment to ensure machine accuracy and parts interchangeability.

“PARKINS” written in Chinese as “BAI-JIU” implicates “Everlasting Century”. We will uphold our principle of sustainability and keep striving for more enhanced machines and superior technical services for our valuable customers.

We manufacture a variety of bag making machines. Products including High-Speed T-shirt Bag, Perforating Bag-on-roll Garbage Bag, Bottom-Sealing Bag, Heavy-Duty Bag, Laundry-Bag, Side-Sealing Bag, Calendar Bag, EVA or PE material deposable Gloves, and etc.

Kindly refer to our website: for more information. Please do not hesitate to email or call us for any further questions or inquiries. We will provide our most competitive quotations and delivery time to meet your requirements and needs. We believe that you will discover the machine that surpasses your needs.