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Based on PARKINS’ outstanding bag-making experience, we are able to produce quality Garment Bag Making Machines, Bag Folding Machines, Manual Punching Machines, and Glove Bag Making Machines. All components undergo precision machining using advanced CNC equipment, guaranteeing both machine accuracy and seamless interchangeability of parts.

Garment Bags Sealing and Cutting Machine is specially used in the textile and garment industry. It is designed to streamline the process of packaging garments. The Servo Control Bag Folding Machine is designed to automate the bag folding process, providing consistent and accurate results. The Glove Bag Making Machine is designed to efficiently and accurately produce glove bags in large quantities, providing versatility to meet specific customer requirements. The Manual Pouch Punching Machine features easy-operation, being used to create holes or perforations in pouches or bags made of materials like plastic.