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Based on PARKINS’ advanced bag-making concepts, we are equipped with high-quality spare parts and advanced devices to increase product functionality; at the same time maintaining stability and quality during the bag-making process. We adopt modern production management, and all parts are precision machined by sophisticated CNC equipment to ensure machine accuracy and parts interchangeability.

This bottom sealing bag making machine is a conventional type bag making machine, providing an efficient and automated solution for producing bags in high volumes. It ensures consistent quality and helps streamline the packaging process, increasing productivity and reducing labor costs. The specially designed bottom sealing bag making machine can load a maximum of 12 rolls of plastic films at the same time. The bottom sealing bag making machine is able to work with other components to produce more types of bags, such as T-shirt bags, Die cut bags, Gloves、Boots、Garment bags, Fruit bags, Garbage bags, and Calendar bags.