Product Name : BJAHCL2+ST
Product Introduction
Double-Independent-Lane Coreless 'Star' Folding Perforating Bag-on-Roll Machine-BJAHCL2+ST


  • Uses servo motor for feeding, with stable sealing abilities, and fast on speed change. Easy to change bag size, and size error is permissible.
  • This machine is specialized for manufacturing perforated coreless bag-on-roll products. Available for double line "Star" sealing & regular bag.
  • Hydraulic rack automatically lifts the jumbo roll with heavy duty air shaft.
  • The EPC Control System the film feeding will be corrected to the right position and one set of EPC for each line.
  • The tension of each line is controlled independently and automatically.
  • Perforation line always keeps a same distance from the sealing line to ensure there won't be any defect whenever in changing of different length.


Max. Cutting Width  mm (inch) 177 ( 7") x 2
Max. Cutting Length   mm (inch) 1.2 ( 48")
Thickness micron / sheet 6- 25
Length Tolerance ±1
Production Rate  pcs / min max.200
AC Driving Motor HP 2
Heater Capacity  kW 4.2
Power Required  kW 19.1
Main Machine Dimensions  LxWxH cm 770 x 300 x 190
Machine Weight  kG  3200
C-Folding Width mm (inch) 762 ( 30")
Max Width of Finished Roll mm (inch) Double Line 76 - 177 ( 3"- 7") x 2

※Correct specifications depend on the actual model. All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.